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Vaalbara Designs specializes in unique, vibrant and environmentally conscious handbags for sale handcrafted in the USA. For over 10 years, we’ve lovingly and professionally crafted Women’s Clutches, Mini/Long/Large and small Clutch handbags, Diaper bags, Messenger Bags, Tote Bags, Weekender Bags, Tote Bags, along with small run, Limited Edition Handbags and accessories. Our fabrics are collected from every corner of the world.

We’re excited to announce many additional products we’ve recently added to the Vaalbara Designs brand.  Check out our new Apparel, Home Goods, Apothecary, Accessories, and Baby products!

While we are passionate about the interrelatedness of the world, Vaalbara Designs is dedicated to local sustainability. Many of our materials, including our first -grade leather, are purchased within our community. And of course, inspired by the bohemian surf culture, each bag is handmade with love here at home in Venice, California.

A portion of every sale goes to the non-profit SurfRider Foundation, dedicated to keeping our beaches and oceans clean.

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Category Archives: Fashion Trends 2014

Summer Handbag Trends

Every year a new crop of trendy summer handbags come to the fore and its always fun to incorporate these new styles into your daily wardrobe. This season’s new summer handbags are fun, vibrant and intriguing, with a creative approach to design. You’ll see these bags in the hands of your favorite celebrities who are always on the cutting edge of popular celebrity handbag fashion. Some of these trends are updated versions of timeless classics, while others are totally new creations themselves. Check out this listing of some of summer 2014’s most popular handbag trends, and update your knowledge on the latest in handbag fashion.

mini-clutchPrinted clutch purses

Floral, tribal, animal, all sorts of interesting prints have made their way to the surface of trendy handbags. These unique prints add dimension and transform an ordinary bag into something extraordinary.


Pastel colors

Delicate pastel colors like baby blue, milky pink and butter yellow adorn this season’s fashionable handbags. These colors might look demure, but their effect on these handbags is totally fierce.

Large clutches

These roomy bags are much bigger than an ordinary clutch and twice as fab! The oversized shape makes for a roomy purse that’s perfect for carrying all your essentials, plus it looks super stylish in your hand. Be sure to add a large clutch to your collection this summer for a super-sized handbag look.

stylish-coin-pouch-2014Coin pouches and pocket pouches

Today’s coin pouches are sleek and stylish and well-suited for a modern woman on the move. Carry a cool coin pouch to collect your change, or go for a chic and simple pocket pouch to fit a few essentials. A pocket pouch is perfect option for those ladies who can bother to fuss with a big handbag. Just slip your pretty pouch into your pocket and go!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are all the rage right now. A tote is a practical option for everyday wear plus they’re the epitome of effortless-chic. You can easily add style to any outfit simply by wearing a trendy leather, or non-leather tote bag, whatever your preference.

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Trendy Women’s Handbags

large-clutch-pastel-brown-leatherLike every other aspect of women’s fashion, handbag trends vary from season to season as innovative designers create new styles and also repurpose old motifs. Today’s trendy handbag might be tomorrow’s frumpy style and you don’t want to get caught in an outdated bag when the trends du jour have already moved on!

ellen-degeneres-vaalbara-clutch-bagIn the same breath, you don’t necessarily need to jump on EVERY new trend just to look fashionable. Oftentimes trends can be fleeting, so it might not be advisable to invest heavily in a trendy piece, when it will become outdated in a short while. However, it is still useful to stay abreast of what’s in vogue, so you can keep your sense of style current and move with the ever-changing times.

These days, practicality is just as important as style when choosing a handbag. Designers recognize this and today’s trendy handbags are just as functional as they are beautiful. Here are a few of the most popular handbag styles on the market, so you can choose the trend that intrigues you most and stay on top of new developments in handbag fashion.

Cool Crossbody Bags

Sometimes you just want to grab a few essentials and go. That’s when the crossbody bag is ideal! This small, easy to wear style features a long strap that you can sling across your shoulder for easy carrying. They are highly convenient and their hands-free feature is especially attractive for those girls on-the-go who just can’t be bothered with lugging around a handheld bag. Large messenger bags are especially convenient since they are both stylish and functional for carrying all your coveted possessions.

leather-envelope-clutch-blackCute Envelope Clutch Purse

An envelope clutch is often larger than a typical clutch and oozes style from its every square angle. These can be made of various fabrics and materials, but we are partial to cute leather clutches. They are perfect a night out on the town when you need a chic bag to complement your outfit. They’re the perfect size to fit your cell phone, keys and other essentials, plus they’ll look great in your social media pictures! A cool celebrity clutch will be a wonderful addition to your handbag collection.

large-womens-tote-bag-weekenderChic Oversized Tote Handbags

Ladies are often guilty of stuffing their handbags with virtually everything they think they’ll need throughout the day. Wallet, makeup, cell phone, tablet computer, even shoes have got to fit in there, and it’s a feat of engineering how we find space for all these items. Admit it, you’re guilty! Handbag fashion has (finally!) caught up with our need to be prepared for any possible scenario and huge stylish bags are totally on trend. These super size bags will carry all your essentials, and non-essentials too, and still look stylish. If you’re the type of gal who wants to carry her entire house in her bag, then an oversized tote bag will suit you fine.

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