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Vaalbara Designs specializes in unique, vibrant and environmentally conscious handbags for sale handcrafted in the USA. For over 10 years, we’ve lovingly and professionally crafted Women’s Clutches, Mini/Long/Large and small Clutch handbags, Diaper bags, Messenger Bags, Tote Bags, Weekender Bags, Tote Bags, along with small run, Limited Edition Handbags and accessories. Our fabrics are collected from every corner of the world.

We’re excited to announce many additional products we’ve recently added to the Vaalbara Designs brand.  Check out our new Apparel, Home Goods, Apothecary, Accessories, and Baby products!

While we are passionate about the interrelatedness of the world, Vaalbara Designs is dedicated to local sustainability. Many of our materials, including our first -grade leather, are purchased within our community. And of course, inspired by the bohemian surf culture, each bag is handmade with love here at home in Venice, California.

A portion of every sale goes to the non-profit SurfRider Foundation, dedicated to keeping our beaches and oceans clean.

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What to Wear at Venice Beach

Venice Beach Fashion

Every style hound will tell you that New York is the place to be to witness and flaunt the latest urban fashion. That being said, there is really nothing quite like Los Angeles and particularly Venice Beach fashion, as the style there will expose you to a blend of high fashion and the familiar low key California cool.

Here are all the pieces and style tips that make for a chic getaway to Venice Beach.

Daytime Couture

venice-beach-fashion-05If you plan on just chilling at the beach, you might want to try a printed blouse with the back open. This goes nicely over a bikini top or a simple tank top. Even though the sun will be shinning bright at the beach, you will see everyone donning on fall fabrics and materials like leather all the time. For instance, the leather pants cut into shorts and black boots with statement buckles on them. If you are tall enough, this style could work wonders for you.

Another cool idea is to get retro movie star sunglasses and a pendant necklace. There you go, that’s all you need to show that you put careful thought when styling your wardrobe.

Blending in the Surfer Fashion

venice-beach-fashionAs a visitor, you will see for yourself that LA beach is never text book out of a magazine fashion scene. When you are at the beach, you will see that there are groups of people from literally everywhere. Therefore, any style that you choose, if you carry it well, will fit you right in. LA beach is not your average surfer destination where everyone has a Patagonia jacket. People may surf for sport but they do not let that define them.

What to Wear In the Evening

You know you should be ready for some glitz. Your star piece should be a little flirty dress with an edge. You can also add a metallic piece for extra glamorous power like a bronze clutch. Complete the look with simple black platform heels.

Nothing Wrong With a Bit of Season Mix

venice beach fashion You might have brought particular pieces in your wardrobe for winter or for summer. Venice beach gives you the perfect opportunity to flaunt a combination of the two. You could have gladiators and a hooded charcoal top to pull it off.

For Men

A fun t-shirt always works if you are a tourist and have a knack for starting conversations. Get sunglasses from a hot label though, they are all you need to outshine your style sense.

If you are looking to buy stylish handbags for all seasons and styles to get your venice beach fashion style, visit us at Vaalbara Designs.

Venice Beach Culture

The tiny beach town of Venice is internationally known as the cultural hub of southern California. This is where artisans and creative souls converge to find their artistic inspiration and demonstrate their creativity. Venice Beach and its Ocean Front Boardwalk is the nucleus of this internationally acclaimed town. That’s where all the magic happens, which gives Venice its alluring appeal.


History of Venice California

Here’s a little history lesson. A gentleman named Abbott Kinney along with his business partners, founded Venice over a century ago in 1905. Kinney and partners sought to create a seaside resort town alongside 1½ miles of manicured California beach. This town would be dubbed “Venice of America” for its subtle cultural references to Venice, Italy. Back then they installed the canals, beaches and the now world-famous Venice Beach Ocean Front Boardwalk. Ocean Front Walk is the 2-mile promenade for pedestrian traffic only where all the bohemian culture of Venice converges.


Things to do in Venice California

The boardwalk is the hub for street performers, artists, vendors, and the generally colorful folk that make up the human landscape of Venice. On the west side of the boardwalk you will encounter hundreds of performers, street vendors and artists, who all have something to pique your interest. Watch a break dancing performance, or enjoy the skillful display of a mime. Listen to the smooth sounds of a Venice musician or catch a few laughs courtesy of a Venice jester. There’s always something fun and intriguing happening on “The Walk”.


This energetic, yet easy-going vibe attracts millions of visitors each year, who enjoy observing and partaking of the cultural eccentricities of this global tourist destination.

Venice Bohemian Fashion

Venice Beach bohemian fashion is also a huge part of Venice Beach culture, with their relaxed motifs and interesting prints. From a simple printed tee, to intricately beaded bags, cool clutches, or trendy bangle bracelets, Venice Beach fashion is inherently eccentric and always unique.

If you’re ever in Southern California, Venice Beach must be on your list of stops. And if you can’t see Venice, California for yourself, we still have your back!

Click here to view our collection of handmade sustainable bags, clutches, accessories and more, all inspired by the vibrant beach culture of Venice and made right there in California.


Contrary to popular belief, fashion does not have to be stuffy or uncomfortable. It can be fun and free-flowing if you follow the boho-chic style of dress that is typical of the laid-back beach town of Venice, California. If you’re wondering “what is boho-chic” then you’ve come to the right place!

bohemian fashion

What is boho-chic?

Venice bohemian fashion, also called boho-chic, is inspired by the unconventional Venice bohemian fashion dress of carefree travelers or nomads. It features artsy themes that are beautiful, intriguing and unique. Traditionally, bohemian fashion makes use of any available materials, with colorful creations that are comfortable, practical and easy to wear. This gypsy-inspired style is very popular in “Venice of America”, where it is known as a veritable shopper’s paradise for bohemian fashion.

Bohemian Fashion

Where can I shop for bohemian fashion?

The famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the go-to street in Venice for shopping these whimsical fashion pieces that inspire visual interest in an unusual and artistic way. From vintage-inspired thrift store items, to new boho-chic designs, there is something to suit every fashion taste and sensibility in Venice. Here you will find cute bohemian clothing, cool handbags and trendy boho-chic accessories that are unique and interesting, but not intimidating.

Bohemian Fashion

Venice bohemian fashion online

Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way to Venice, California to achieve this awesome, carefree boho-chic look. Vaalbara Designs is a convenient online portal that retails authentic bohemian fashion manufactured right there in California. Just like true bohemian fashion, all their pieces are hand-made with environmentally friendly materials that you can enjoy without regret. With just the click of a button, you can have your ideal boho-chic handbags, clutches, accessories and more delivered right to your doorstep!

So there’s no need to buy a plane ticket to shop the best bohemian fashion. Simply click here to see our line of sustainable handmade clutches, tote bags, messenger bags, jewelry and more, and shop unique boho-chic pieces that you can be proud of.