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Vaalbara Designs specializes in unique, vibrant and environmentally conscious handbags for sale handcrafted in the USA. For over 10 years, we’ve lovingly and professionally crafted Women’s Clutches, Mini/Long/Large and small Clutch handbags, Diaper bags, Messenger Bags, Tote Bags, Weekender Bags, Tote Bags, along with small run, Limited Edition Handbags and accessories. Our fabrics are collected from every corner of the world.

We’re excited to announce many additional products we’ve recently added to the Vaalbara Designs brand.  Check out our new Apparel, Home Goods, Apothecary, Accessories, and Baby products!

While we are passionate about the interrelatedness of the world, Vaalbara Designs is dedicated to local sustainability. Many of our materials, including our first -grade leather, are purchased within our community. And of course, inspired by the bohemian surf culture, each bag is handmade with love here at home in Venice, California.

A portion of every sale goes to the non-profit SurfRider Foundation, dedicated to keeping our beaches and oceans clean.

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Contrary to popular belief, fashion does not have to be stuffy or uncomfortable. It can be fun and free-flowing if you follow the boho-chic style of dress that is typical of the laid-back beach town of Venice, California. If you’re wondering “what is boho-chic” then you’ve come to the right place!

bohemian fashion

What is boho-chic?

Venice bohemian fashion, also called boho-chic, is inspired by the unconventional Venice bohemian fashion dress of carefree travelers or nomads. It features artsy themes that are beautiful, intriguing and unique. Traditionally, bohemian fashion makes use of any available materials, with colorful creations that are comfortable, practical and easy to wear. This gypsy-inspired style is very popular in “Venice of America”, where it is known as a veritable shopper’s paradise for bohemian fashion.

Bohemian Fashion

Where can I shop for bohemian fashion?

The famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the go-to street in Venice for shopping these whimsical fashion pieces that inspire visual interest in an unusual and artistic way. From vintage-inspired thrift store items, to new boho-chic designs, there is something to suit every fashion taste and sensibility in Venice. Here you will find cute bohemian clothing, cool handbags and trendy boho-chic accessories that are unique and interesting, but not intimidating.

Bohemian Fashion

Venice bohemian fashion online

Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way to Venice, California to achieve this awesome, carefree boho-chic look. Vaalbara Designs is a convenient online portal that retails authentic bohemian fashion manufactured right there in California. Just like true bohemian fashion, all their pieces are hand-made with environmentally friendly materials that you can enjoy without regret. With just the click of a button, you can have your ideal boho-chic handbags, clutches, accessories and more delivered right to your doorstep!

So there’s no need to buy a plane ticket to shop the best bohemian fashion. Simply click here to see our line of sustainable handmade clutches, tote bags, messenger bags, jewelry and more, and shop unique boho-chic pieces that you can be proud of.

Cool Beach Bags

cool-beach-bagSometimes you just want to get away from it all and relax on a sandy beach with a pretty drink in hand. You know those drinks we’re talking about, like a pina colada or a strawberry daiquiri, with a tiny umbrella in the glass. The sand between your toes, a pretty drink in hand, the lull of the nearby waves, and a fabulous beach bag perched beside you on your beach towel – now that’s the ideal picture of a perfect day. In fact, we’re gonna postpone this blog post and hit the beach right now!

Ha ha, I kid I kid!

But if you’re heading out for a beach excursion you will definitely need a cute summer beach bag to carry all your beach essentials, so might as well make it a fabulous one.

Essential Features of a Trendy Beach Bag

cool-beach-bag-2Your trendy beach bag should be big enough to hold your beach towel, sunscreen, a change of clothes, sunglasses and other items that will contribute to your ideal beach experience. It should be hardy enough to withstand the sandy beach conditions and protect your belongings from being lost or damaged. One thing your beach bag should NOT do however, is compromise on style.

It should be just as beautiful as it is functional, so you look stylish and well put-together at the same time.

But where would you find such a bag? Hmmm…

Well, right here of course! Our super cool boho-chic beach bags satisfy all these essential functions and look fantastic while they do so! They are stylish, spacious, and hardy, and will last you for many beach trips to come.

Visit us at Vaalbaradesigns.com today and shop stylish and unique beach bags that will be the envy of everyone else on the beach.

Trendy Clutches for fall

trendy-handbags-fall-2014You’ve just gotta love the fall. Fashion always seems to get more vibrant during this time of year, and it’s hard not to get excited about shopping the new Trendy Clutches for fall 2014.

This year’s trendy clutches are innovatively designed, unique and attention-grabbing. They are made of unexpected materials, come in unusual shapes and feature novel finishes that inspire visual interest.

large-womens-clutch-handbag-vaalbaraLarge clutch

They say “go big, or go home” so if you’re going for a clutch purse, might as well go supersized! The oversized clutch is a chic variation of the regular purse with a huge pouch for a larger-than-life look. We love the look of these lovely large clutches.

mini-womens-clutch-handbag-vaalbaraMini Clutch

This smaller version of a regular clutch might be diminutive in size, but huge in effect! Don’t let the small size fool you; mini clutches are roomier than they appear with just enough space to carry your essentials. The come in lots of chic prints and various leather and non-leather finishes to suit your personal style.

Sustainable Clutch

A sustainable clutch purse is made from repurposed or recyclable materials, so your fashion statement will have minimal impact on the environment. A sustainable clutch should be part of the collection of any eco-friendly fashionista.

mini-clutch-handbag-black-leather-vaalbaraTribal print clutch

Tribal print material has been trendy for some time now, and its popularity has now spilled over into clutch purse design. Navaho, Ikat, African and other ethnic style prints are featured on many clutch purses as an intriguing design element. These printed purses are usually seen on envelope clutches, since the envelope shape tends to have more surface area for showing off an intricate tribal design. Neat adornments like an arrowhead ring may also accompany these trendy summer clutch bags.

Are you ready to go clutch shopping? Click here now and shop our unique collection of trendy clutches and mini clutch purses that will brighten up your handbag collection and excite your fashion sense.