Different Types of Handbags and Clutches

A beautiful handbag is the perfect complement to a fashionable outfit and every girl should have a few handbag options in her closet. There are many different types of bags to match your personal fashion sense and add a finishing touch to your final look. Here is a useful list of the most common types of handbags, so you can choose the best handbag for you.

Types of Handbags


Tote Bag

A tote is a large open top bag with medium length handles at the sides of the pouch. The tote bag is also called a shopper, since they get their basic design inspiration from a shopping bag.



Crossbody/Messenger Bag

The crossbody bag or messenger bag features a long strap that you can sling across your body for hands-free carrying.


The hobo bag is usually large with a slouchy, crescent-shaped pouch and a long strap for wearing over your shoulder. They are usually made from soft, flexible materials that will slump when the bag is set down.


These are soft bags that are usually worn over the shoulder or across the body and feature a flap that folds over the top with a front clasp. The satchel got its origins as a school bag, but is now a common fashion bag.

Top Handle Bag

These are often structured bags with short firm straps at the top of the pouch that makes it suitable for wearing in the crook of your arm.

Bowling Bag

These were originally created for carrying a bowling ball, but have since become a fashionable bag for everyday wear.

Shoulder Bag

Like the name suggests, a shoulder bag is any style that has a strap that can be worn over your shoulder. Various other types of bags also fall into this category, including saddle bags, bucket bags, hobo bag and doctor’s bag.


Baguette Bag

This small rectangular bag resembles a French baguette. It is longer than it is tall, and usually has a narrow structured pouch.


This extra large bag is not only a fashion statement, but also a useful replacement for all possible bags you may need! A weekender is big enough to serve as your travel bag, gym bag, shopping bag or even a diaper bag! Its large size lends to as many utility options you can think of.


Types of Clutches

A clutch is small hand-held purse that does not have handles, and often feature a rectangular shape. Clutches are traditionally evening bags, but they are also suitable for daytime wear. Here are a few variations of the clutch bag.

Fold Over Clutch

These are usually made of a soft material and can be tucked into itself or folded. They may or may not have a handle.

Envelope clutch

Like the name suggests, an envelop clutch resembles an envelop with this flat, rectangular shape and flap closure.


These are embellished evening clutch bags that are encrusted with, beads, rhinestones or other materials to give it a glamorous, often shimmery look.



This clutch comes with a attached strap that fits over your wrist so you won’t have to carry it in your palm.

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