Everyone Has Their Own Perfect Tote Bag

perfect-tote-bag-vaalbara-designs-01Before you go and buy a tote bag, it is important that you know the different types of totes and which one best suits your needs. Every tote is designed for a specific activity. For example, a tote can be used for going to the gym, while another for storing textbooks. Some of the things that you will need to consider when choosing the perfect tote bag include checking what bag is needed for, how frequently it will be used, and what size of the bag would be perfect for the intended use.

The Use You Will Put It To

To know what kind of tote you want to purchase, think about how often and where you will most probably be using the tote bag for. How the bag is being used determines what size you need, what design would be suitable and what material should it preferably be made out of. For instance, if you want a bag that carries tons of small items like your cell phone, wallet, keys, and pen, a good idea is to get a tote that has plenty of small pockets that can separate items and also keep them safe.


The Size of the Bag

Size has always been an important factor when you are shopping for any accessory. Before you decide on a tote bag, think about how many items you carry it with you every day and compare the sizes of different bags that you have your heart set on. A tote bag that is very small won’t be much use to you except for maybe flaunting the design. But then again, if you know you are not in the habit of carrying around a lot of stuff, getting a large and spacious tote is pretty useless.


The Closure of the Tote Bag

Like a lot of bags, totes come with different closure methods like clasps, buttons, ties, and zippers. If a buyer needs a bag that can close off completely, getting a tote with zipper is a great idea. Some bags have zero closure which works for bags like beach totes. That being said, if you are using a tote bag on a regular basis and carrying valuables like your cell phone and wallet, then a much better idea is to get a bag that closes up so as to protect your valuables.


The Materials

perfect-tote-bag-vaalbara-designs-05One of the important factors that goes into choosing a tote is the material it is made up of. This affects the bag’s style as well as its durability. The very first tote bags were always crafted of canvas, but today, these bags are made out of plenty of different types of materials like leather, polyprophylene, and cotton. The choice of what material you should get depends a lot on the taste of the user and the style along with what purpose you want the tote bag to serve.

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