The Fashion Blunders You Don’t Know You Might Be Making

Here are some fashion blunders you might not even be aware that you are making!

All Your Cool Design Bags are of Neutral Hues

Now that you think about it, every hand bag that you own is gray, brown or black. You are easily forgoing fashionable pieces that make a statement. The best way out of this fashion dilemma is to get a bag in a bold and vibrant shade. It can be your daily wardrobe’s show stopper.

Wearing the Boyfriend Jeans Too Frequently

boyfriend-jeans-bad-fashion-02fashion-blunders-boyfriend-jeansThis is one fashion faux pas that many women make without realizing it. You have been wearing it so much that you actually look like your boyfriend. The good news is that there is a solution to this. If you are unable to part ways with your baggies because they are way too comfy and you do not want to let them go, simply make a denim change, as that way you won’t have to compromise on your style choice. Check out the new flares, which are not only equally comfortable but also flatter your body. Yesterday, you might have been wearing boyfriend jeans, but now you have added a fresh spin to it.

The Floral Dress You Picked Out Make You Look Like a Curtain

boyfriend-jeans-bad-fashion-02fashion-blunders-floral-dress-kanye-kimGraphic floral prints are everywhere and they look super feminine. However, if you style them wrong, you really can have people thinking about their living room curtains when they look at you. The best way to make this back- in- style look less outdated is to match modern accessories with it.

Having Too Many Leather Pieces

fashion-blunders-too-much-leatherYou may have heard that there is no such thing as too many leather items, but if these are the only ones you have, then you have stumbled on a fashion blunder. It is great that you have deep passion for leather accessories; here is what you need to do, channel this in a new way by mixing in suede. Style it the same way you would style leather. It has a softer touch and is much comfortable to put on during the day.

You Wear High Heels All the Time

fashion-blunders-excess-wearing-high-heelsIf your feet could talk, they would tell you how much they hate you. It is okay to have undying love for sky highs that make you look tall, but the best way to outshine your favorite pair of heels is to sometimes wear flat forms. They will still make you look tall, and are comfortable and not exactly heels.

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