How to Style the Bohemian Clutch

It can be tricky picking out a unique clutch for an important event that is coming up. You want something that is classic but also that makes a statement. Picking the right handbag is one thing but you also need to accessorize the right way to complete the perfect look.

When in doubt, always go with the envelope clutch. This is one piece of accessory that can go with any dress without making your look, look overdone.


The Envelope Clutch


The best of the Bohemian accessory is the hand woven envelope clutch. This is the one piece that allows you to get the right amount of color and a subtle pattern that would automatically work to set your dress apart from everyone else’s without overdoing it. You need to check the size to see if it is just right. For instance, if you are wearing a tall flowing dress, then the biggest sized envelope clutches in the market would get you close to a fashion faux pas. Keep things subtle and make sure nothing is overpowered.

But also make sure that you get a clutch that can hold all the essentials that you know you will be carrying around like your phone, compact, lipstick, etc. You may want to check out the clutch bags with pockets around it. A smaller bag is easier to hold throughout the occasion, which is a plus if you are already burdened with testing heels and a dress.

The Shoes to Go With


The shoe color should be one that you see in the woven patterns of your envelope clutch. This will really make the pattern pop and make the shoes look fitting, regardless of the color of your dress.

The best thing to do when you are unsure of what complementing shoe colors to go with, always select metallic color tones like gold and silver. These can go with anything and show that you are aiming for elegance.


Since you will have your hands by your side holding the clutch throughout the night, go for delicate and simple jewelry. Statement pieces will confuse the attention of the onlooker. Remember your clutch is the star of the wardrobe. Do not make all of the accessories in your wardrobe overshadow each other.

At the end of the day, remember that whatever fashionable pieces you bring together to complete your outfit, try incorporating mix bold patterns with plain solid colors. If you get a hang of this styling habit, you will be able to match your envelope clutch with dozens of every day outfits; from distressed jeans to plain old tees. One hand woven clutch has a lot of use for every season of the year.

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