Leather Straps for women’s handbags & Coin Pouches

You’ve probably got a few handbags lying around that you hardly use, or never use at all. Instead of discarding them, you can repurpose your old handbag into an updated version with a cool leather strap.

Detachable leather strap

leather-strap-and-large-clutch-handbagTurn any handbag into a hands-free crossbody bag or fanny pack by adding a detachable leather strap to make easier to carry. These sturdy leather attachments easily clip on to any bag, and are just as easily removed if you want to return it to its original state. But we highly suspect you won’t be removing these straps once they’ve been attached!

The ease-of-wear of a crossbody or fanny pack strap is simply too convenient to pass up. And if you ever choose to wear your bag as brown-leather-strap-for-large-clutch-handbagoriginally intended, you can simply tuck the strap inside rather than remove it all together.

Why carry around a bag and weigh down your arms when you can simply sling it across your chest, or wear it on your waist? Invest in a sturdy detachable leather strap so you can leave your hands free for more important activities, like shopping!

Cool coin pouches

cute-coin-pouch-gift-1And speaking of shopping, you’re gonna need an easy-to-carry, convenient receptacle for your coins and paper money. A stylish coin pouch is a chic option for transporting your legal tender. It will fit easily inside your handbag, or pocket even, and also looks awesome cute-coin-pouch-southwestern-pattern-gift-1while protecting your moolah! If you’re gonna be carrying one anyway, might as well make it stylish and invest in a cute pocket pouch that you’ll be proud to pull out.

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