Different Styles of Leather Bags

Women have been lugging around lovely leather handbags for centuries but would you believe that handbags were first created for the utility of men! Since then, the tides have shifted totally and, and most of today’s handbags are designed for women. Modern leather handbags are far more diverse and refined than those ancient versions, and are available in varies styles to suit every possible fashion sensibility. From cute tote bags to adorable mini clutch bags, there are many different kinds of leather bags available today.


Here’s an alphabetic list of some of the most common styles of leather handbags on the market today.

Most popular types of leather bags


A narrow rectangular bag that resembles a French baguette.

Bowling bag

These were originally created for carrying a bowling ball, but have since become a fashionable bag for everyday wear.

Bucket bag

A bucket shaped bag with a deep pouch, draw-string closure and long shoulder strap. 

Leather Clutch

Small handheld purses that don’t usually have straps. You grasp or “clutch” them with the palm of your hand, hence the name.


 Feed bag

A bag that resembles those used to feed horses with a wide open top and medium length straps at the top. The usually feature a buckle closure across the opening.

Hobo bag

A large slouchy, crescent-shaped bag with a long strap for wearing over your shoulder. They are usually made from soft, flexible materials that will slump when the bag is set down.

Messenger/crossbody bag

These feature a long strap that you can sling across your body for hands-free carrying.

Saddle bag

A large bag that resembles the bag that an equestrian would hang on their horse’s saddle.

Satchel bag

A structured handbag that often features a fold over flap closure fasten with buckles or locks. They have a wide flat bottom and come in various sizes.

Shoulder bag

Any style that has a strap that can be worn over your shoulder. Various other types of bags also fall into this category, including saddle bags, bucket bags, hobo bag and doctor’s bag.

Tote Bag

A tote is a large open top bag with medium length handles at the sides of the pouch. The tote bag is also called a shopper, since they get their basic design inspiration from a shopping bag.


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