Leather Handbags Are Back

Handbags rate as the number one item when we talk about popular ladies accessories. Instead of being used as a mere fashion statement, having a classy handbag is a must have nowadays. Handbags are used in plenty of different styles by both older women and teenage girls. But that does not stop the accessory to serve a functional purpose as well. The most popular handbags these days are leather handbags which come in different styles like canvas, cowhide, morocco, etc. Here we have listed the best picks of leather handbags. Read on to find out!

Elegant Black Leather Handbags

The elegant black handbag has been made sleek enough for you to flaunt it with pride wherever you go.. The bag is almost always shaped in a rectangle adorned with golden accessories and looks nice with metal helpers.

black leather handbags

Hobo Purse Bag

This is the bag to have if you want to look stylish, but are more into small things. The bag is made out of a soft leather material. It may have studs all around it, but other than that, it is elegantly simple. Hobo purses have enough capacity to store money pouches, cell phone and cosmetics. They are not that roomy as most trending leather handbags.

Leather Totes

Right now, they are a knockout, mostly because they go with almost every outfit in stores. The leather tote bag can be used for different occasions; it is spacious enough to hold your books if you have a class, or all the stuff that you carry to work. If you are a mother, then no need to carry a separate baby bag. There is room enough for you to style your leather tote as a baby bag.


A tote bag is designed with exceptional straps for the shoulders that make it easy to carry the whole thing. The bag itself is designed to distribute the weight of the contents just right.

Leather Backpacks

leather-designer-back-pack-04Flexible straps are always the most important feat of the timeless leather backpack. Most often you will see that these flexible fronts and sections make it super easy to use bags. Something you know you will fast get used to once you buy them. Buckles and tiny pouches make this bag multipurpose. The leather backpack is perfect for casual occasions.

The Unique Designer Leather Bag

Every year, a label would launch a new line of handbags and these would come with some out of this world knockout designs. Some of these would be designed for complementing your party dresses, while others to match with your work outfit or to go with a casual setting. Some are designed to be multipurpose which ups the reasons one should invest in these unique designer leather bags.

Break all the rules and pick a piece that screams about your personal style and taste. You can go through our leather handbag collection for the latest and coolest designs in leather purses and bags.

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