How to Take Care and Prolong the Life of Leather Tote Bags

Here are some of the tips on how you can maintain and make sure that your trendy-brown-leather-tote-bag-1brand new leather tote bag lasts a long time.

When Cleaning

The general rule is that you start by cleaning off the dirt through wiping the bag with a cleaning liquid specifically for leather. Every day, you need to clean your bag with a soft and dry cloth; this does not take a lot more than a couple of minutes. However, this works if you want to preserve the leather material.

A lot of brands have their own guides on how to take care of their product in particular, so never hesitate to ask them about this once you buy a leather bag.

Conditioning the Leather Tote Bag

caring-prolonging-life-leather-bags-1Conditioning is more like a moisturizing phase for your leather bag, as the leather conditioner dries out in a while. You can just use a dollop of it and gently apply over the surface of the bag. You can also use neatsfoot oil or mink oil which stimulates and supplements the natural oils of the leather. You need to leave this for 10 minutes and then clear off excess while you leave the tote bag in an airy room. You should condition leather bags once a month.

Weatherproof Your Bag

trendy-stylish-black-leather-tote-bag-1Leather is a permeable material, and therefore can never be 100 percent weatherproof on its own. The best way to do this is to use beeswax cream which protects against water. Don’t go for spray protectants, as they are not as effective.

Storing the Leather Bag

Always stash your tote bag in an unused dust bag and fill it with stuffing; but don’t go for newspaper, as butter paper works better. Also, put the leather bag back in its original packing along with small amounts of silica gel so that the bag doesn’t get damp from anything around it. Moreover, let the air pass through the place twice a month to discourage the growth of mold.

Some Other Tips

Allow the water spills to dry out naturally. High heat measures like making use of a hair dryer only causes the leather surface to crinkle. Also, try not to rest your leather tote next to your jeans if you want to avoid color transfer. You need to bring it back as soon as it gets stained.

Know the Leather

caring-for-leather-designer-trendy-bagsMost of the leather bags are the ones that are vegetable tanned. Once drenched in water, they discolor super fast. Another leather skin is the chrome tanned skin which is water resistant. This is also more commonly referred to as the Wet Blue.

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