How To Tell That You are A True Bohemian Fashionista

Here are the signs that tell you of your bohemian fashionista boho chic roots.

bohemian-fashionista-isabel-marant-01You Have a Style Icon

To you, Isabel Marant is not just any designer brand; it is part of your lifestyle. Also, when you are in doubt, you ask yourself what would Marant wear?

Your Shopping Sprees Speak of It

You have spent entire paychecks on pieces that talk volumes about your bohemian chic style. You may have not realized it then but that was the only style you invested in. Also, when you got home you realized that all the clothes are in your favorite floral, paisley, and tie dye color tones.

The Fringed Bag Collection Thrilled You and Hurt Your Wallet

vaalbara-designs-bohemain-fringe-handbag-02You had been waiting for something like this to hit the stores forever. You bought more than one even if you know that you seldom use them, but you know this is the stock that makes up for a lifetime longing. Same happened when they introduced the fringe skirts and jackets in the Spring 2014 collections.

Talitha Getty-ish

talitha-getty-bohemian-fashionista-03You are impressed that the enduring style icons to last all this time had always been Talitha Getty and Kate Moss. You also know that this is likely not going to change for a very long time, at least not in the near future. You saw Kate Moss’s wedding and cried at the perfect blend of glamour and bohemia. When everyone else was scrutinizing the vintage blue rehearsal dinner outfit, you were sitting there browsing eBay for a look alike.

You May Have Never Been To Morocco but You Have Souvenirs

The interior of your home is adorned with lanterns and far off lands inspired pillow and pouf designs. You have also been criticized by your best friend as a high end gypsy.

You Are a Magpie

bohemian-fashion-magpie-gypsy-04This is what anyone jokingly calls you once they get a peek at your dresser which is a mountain of jewelry apart from the opened jewelry box. Plus, you may deny it but everyone knows if there is anyone who would have something embroidered, pom-pommed, sequined, or beaded, it is you.

Your Turban Wrap

You have at one or two occasions tried to perfect the turban style wrap at home. It suited you with flowers in your hair. Plus you have already decided that this is what you are going to wear at the next special occasion you are invited to.

bohemian-fashion-fur-5Colorful Furs

You have been told by one of your friends that too much colorful furs are man repellant, but you have scoffed them off. To you, they are a must have. You already have two more colors that you added for your next shopping trip. You know you are going to carry them like no one else.

When Vacationing

You want to vacation at warm places solely so that you get a chance to dress like Brigitte Bardot when visiting the beach.

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