What to Wear at Venice Beach

Venice Beach Fashion

Every style hound will tell you that New York is the place to be to witness and flaunt the latest urban fashion. That being said, there is really nothing quite like Los Angeles and particularly Venice Beach fashion, as the style there will expose you to a blend of high fashion and the familiar low key California cool.

Here are all the pieces and style tips that make for a chic getaway to Venice Beach.

Daytime Couture

venice-beach-fashion-05If you plan on just chilling at the beach, you might want to try a printed blouse with the back open. This goes nicely over a bikini top or a simple tank top. Even though the sun will be shinning bright at the beach, you will see everyone donning on fall fabrics and materials like leather all the time. For instance, the leather pants cut into shorts and black boots with statement buckles on them. If you are tall enough, this style could work wonders for you.

Another cool idea is to get retro movie star sunglasses and a pendant necklace. There you go, that’s all you need to show that you put careful thought when styling your wardrobe.

Blending in the Surfer Fashion

venice-beach-fashionAs a visitor, you will see for yourself that LA beach is never text book out of a magazine fashion scene. When you are at the beach, you will see that there are groups of people from literally everywhere. Therefore, any style that you choose, if you carry it well, will fit you right in. LA beach is not your average surfer destination where everyone has a Patagonia jacket. People may surf for sport but they do not let that define them.

What to Wear In the Evening

You know you should be ready for some glitz. Your star piece should be a little flirty dress with an edge. You can also add a metallic piece for extra glamorous power like a bronze clutch. Complete the look with simple black platform heels.

Nothing Wrong With a Bit of Season Mix

venice beach fashion You might have brought particular pieces in your wardrobe for winter or for summer. Venice beach gives you the perfect opportunity to flaunt a combination of the two. You could have gladiators and a hooded charcoal top to pull it off.

For Men

A fun t-shirt always works if you are a tourist and have a knack for starting conversations. Get sunglasses from a hot label though, they are all you need to outshine your style sense.

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